Chronicles V – Unacceptable Behavior


One day Vaughn tells Ziggy and I we have to fix up a much rusted shipping container as an office for the visiting Mozal people. The roof and floor are rusted through and we have to cut them out and build new ones. The floor is to be concrete and the new roof corrugated iron. Now both Ziggy and I have never done anything like this before and Vaughn gives a ridiculous deadline. When Vaughn walks on site his staff is very nervous, any that can, split. He shouts and screams, throws childish tantrums and has hit people before. As the Mozambique government does not take kindly to this, apparently he has been in trouble about this behavior more than once before. So far he has not shouted at me, just looks at me like I am a piece of shit. Ironically he and Jay have started drinking again and I see the alcoholic pattern emerging, I am after all an expert at this business, by association and practice. They drink just a little more each day. Then the fights start, mainly because of Vaughn’s problems with Kirsten. He feels Jay is too soft on him. One night Vaughn trashed the whole house in a drunken rage. The anger was directed at Kirsten, whom he regards as a “moffie”, and a mommy’s boy. I flew under the radar, also because of personal experience with people like this; and the next morning Vaughn gave the classic alkies remorse speech. I had not had a drink since entering The Ark, at this stage, but I could hear the evil bastard calling me. Now Ziggy and I have to put up with a still pissed from the night before boss. We try our best but we are just not up to this job, first we nearly kill each other with the huge angle grinders then we fuck up the cement floor, it was, just , a little bit…… unlevel.


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