The Chronicles V – The Clinic Part 1


Vaughn is now shouting and swearing at us and we are making even more mistakes. Worse we are getting careless in our haste, even by my reckless standards. Ziggy and I are doing the roof with paper thin corrugated iron, the wind is howling and the sheets are being flung around. Vaughn is not interested, just get the job done. The inevitable happens. Ziggy get hurt, the wind blew a sheet off the roof and he grabbed for it, it sliced his thumb to the bone. There was a lot of blood. I got the first aid kit out and put a pressure bandage on. He needed more than my basic first aid skills. I asked where the hospital was. I found out Mozal runs a clinic a few short kilometers up the road. I tell Ziggy to hang in there and I will go and get a bakkies keys from Jay or Vaughn. I tell them what happened and Vaughn is pissed off, he does not give a damn about his worker that is hurt, he actually refuses to give me the keys. He reckons Ziggy should just carry on working.

I get pissed off. Always a bad thing, I tell him off and just take the keys, collect Ziggy and head out. The clinic is not bad looking, a surprise. It consists of a small building with two consulting rooms. It has a neat garden and a long waiting bench under a veranda. It costs 1 Metica to join the queue. (R0.30.)


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