The Chronicles V – The Clinic


We get to the front and go into the consulting room with a sister, the doctor is in the other one. Problem is this sister is very young and she is very nervous. She is a black lady so hard to see if she went pale as she undressed my crude dressing, but her hands started shaking. The consulting room consists of a bunk covered with foam, no clean sheet of paper or clothe, the wall that it is up against has all sorts of stains I do not want to think about. Ziggy does not go that way, he is lead to a small three legged stool, a dirt bin half full of other stained stuff I also don’t want to think about is put under his hand. He is dripping blood. Next to the stool is a table with the usual patch up tools, except no sterilizing basin, no hot water even. This is bad. The very nervous, young sister, threads a curved needle, I know these things. I have seen the local anasetic bottles and syringes but she proceeds to push the needle through the skin. Ziggy is moaning in pain, and definitely a shade or two lighter that his usual colour. I tell Ziggy to ask her for an injection first! He translates, the poor girl forgot!


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