Chronicles V – The Clinic Final


Must be the worst fumbling job I have ever seen with a needle and syringe follows. She also wants to start sewing immediately. Again I get Ziggy to tell her to wait a few moments for the bloody stuff to work. He translates. She seems grateful for the advice. It got worse. The poor untrained girl, and Ziggy, suffers through putting in three of the 5 needed stitches, she has never done this before, of  that, I am sure. Even with the injection, Ziggy stops her from trying to do the last two. I help her bandage the wound. It cost 10 Metica. (R3.00.)  We get back on site and Vaughn does not even come to see if Ziggy is ok. Jay takes the keys and says we better finish the roof on time. I have no time for my cousin and his wife, maybe even before this incident but definitely after.


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