The Chronicles V – Mozambique Taxi


The visa system in Mozambique works like this. You get a visa at the border but it lasts only one month. To get another months visa one has to leave and then re-enter Mozambique. This is a pain in the arse, but expired visas? Vaughn told me that you get huge fines if your visa is note up to date, he normally takes his South African people to the border, but tells his cousin, me, that I must catch a taxi. I get the company personnel officer, Gustavo, to take me to the taxi ranks; it is opposite a very South African like mall. The border is not that far, about 80km away. The cost is 60 Metica. (R20.00.) I squeeze in to the mini bus, a huge mamma is sitting almost on top of me. I am in the row just behind the driver and notice he has no fuel; I am a bit paranoid about this type of thing. Finally when we have squeezed in more people than you would believe possible, we set off. Only to travel a short distance, then we stop, a woman passenger starts yelling at some people, jumps out and gets into what looks like an argument. She returned to the vehicle and we were off again. Barreling along at 120km an hour in a totally un-roadworthy, over crowded mini bus, I got to wondering if this is how I will finally get killed.

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