Chronicles V – SA People in Maputo


I am hating the construction business and disliking my cousin more every day. I am treated like a skivvy at his house. He and Jay have off road bikes, and on weekends they load them on a bakkie, then I have to take them out into the open country and drive back home. Each time Jay says, “Now you go straight home Wayne.” Guess who gets to wash the bikes when they get back? I do this and they go to the pubs that are frequented with South African people, mainly in construction and trucking business. I am embarrassed to be a South African because of the type of people they are. Seems they live in the past, apartheid era. All hate blacks in general and say bad things about the Mozambicans. They all have grown wealthier here than they could in South Africa. My cousin is a good example, his construction company in South Africa was a failure, and he could not cut the mustard, so moved to Mozambique. Here I see and hear from Vaughn’s friends it was easy to exploit both the government and the laborers and become fairly wealthy. They brag about how the exploit the Mozambique people and complain about the new laws the government has implicated to curb them. I would rather wash dirt bikes that associate or even be seen with these people. My cousin’s workers have commented on the fact that I am not like the other South Africans. I tell them not all South Africans are like the lot they see. Those are the ones we did not want so they came to Mozambique. Never a truer word than spoken in jest.

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View the Mexican Horse Thief’s Page

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