The Chronicles V – Pepsi


I am bored. I am pissed off. Vaughn and I went to Sthappens, pub’s reopening by some South Africans. Here a woman I have heard my colleagues talk about approaches Vaughn, I see immediately by the body language my fellow workers are right. When Jay is away, this is his play thing. Jay and Vaughn were separated and the staff at the house also told me about this other woman, seems the connection has not being cut, and when Jay is in Malalane, Vaughn plays. I do not care but I do hate hypocrites and boy, does Vaughn give me lectures about what an immoral bad drunken piece of scum I am. We return home and I thought to have a quiet evening, thought evening was mine but had to collect Nelson back from a trip to South Africa. He was waiting for me at the Pepsi construction site. Mozambique does not yet have a Pepsi factory and Cretecor had the contract to lay the factory’s floor. I did not know my way around Maputo very well at this stage and got a bit lost, had to go through the N1 Toll gate twice! Found Nelson and dropped him off, went to Shoprite/Checkers and got 3 Deuce M’s for later. (Local Beer) After not drinking for months and months I decided to start again, as everyone else was drinking up a storm, why not me? Why not indeed.

I also start going to the Shebeen, literally around the corner from my room. The people are very friendly in this country, with absolutely no aggression. My Johannesburg attitude and stance scares them, I mellow out as there is no danger here, and robbery is practically unheard off. Armed robbery? No such thing, not in Matola. My usual pattern of drinking follows, so for weeks I maintain, just a few drinks at night, up the next morning and work.

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View the Mexican Horse Thief’s Page

Short Story


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