The Chronicles V – Fools


One weekend Vaughn gets house guests. Two couples arrive on a Friday evening, the guys are drunk and they have smuggled a lot of booze through the border. They have a bakkie with a trailer, two bikes and two Quad bikes.  Birds of a feather, Vaughn’s friends are loud and uncouth as he is. I try stay out of it and sit on my room, writing and working on Adobe Photoshop. This is not to be. One of the guys barges in with a beer for me, I tell him I don’t drink, cannot let Vaughn and Jay see me drinking. I have a stash and am sipping whiskey surreptitiously. The guy gives me the usual macho based hard time, implying I must be gay, a coward and all the usual crap I get from guys like him. Then Vaughn mentioned my mercenary work, God forbid that his mates think he has a gay cousin! Vaughn tells him I even have photographs, so the guy wants to see my photographs. He is very drunk and falls onto my table, knocking my computer screen off. Fortunately it fell onto my bed so not damaged. His mate comes in as well. I finally get rid of them, courtesy of Vaughn. He is pissed off that he is not getting the usual attention that he gets with his stories. All his stories are about the shit he caused when drunk, ironic that if I get up to similar shit I am labeled a useless alcoholic, he is a hero. Vaughn is semi cripple. His right hand and arm are badly damaged; he was drunk and fell through a glass shower door. He has a lot of other damage to his legs from drunken motor vehicle accidents but all this shows is that he is a MAN! When I am alone again I sip warm whiskey and read my book. Always try and have a book or two on hand.



View the Mexican Horse Thief’s Page

Short Story


View the Mexican Horse Thief’s Page

Short Story


The Mexican’s Magazines

Rhino Wars

From a Different Angle – Photography

White Genocide


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