The Chronicles V – RPGs & Scorpions


The next morning I am told I will be driving a support vehicle; the company driver will drive another one. We are going close to the border, they will hit the bush track that runs parallel to the N1 and I am to drive along the N1 and meet them at some check points. No please will you, just you will. Before 8am and all but they driver and I are drinking, some beer, others vodka coolers. Bikes and booze? The driver and I are told to load Vaughn and Jay’s bikes, while they have breakfast. That done we set off. About 3km from the border are a set of hills, we drive up a dirt track, here the bikes and Quads are off loaded, then a discussion of where we, the driver and I must go and wait for them. As we are close to the border I call Karen on the South African cell. She tells me that ECE has paid me R4000.00 that is great as I had not got my salary yet. My salary is no too good anyway. 4800 Metica. (R1600.00.) Vaughn and crew are finally ready to go; they have day packs filled with beer for the trip. Must say I was hoping they, any one of them, would break their necks. Not in a good mood at all.

The driver and I drive the bakkies about 15km to the spot we must meet. It is by a kraal that has a Shebeen attached to it. When we get there we buy a couple of cokes and raid the cooler boxes for some food. I go on a walk about and find almost immediately some scary shit. Just off the goat path are two RPG’s (Rocket Propelled Grenade) they have been fired but did not detonate, the nose cones tips, which is the trigger, are dented and the fins at the rear are open. RPG’s self detonate at about 950m if they do not hit anything. These have malfunctioned. I gently lift one and feel the weigh, yip, it is full of explosives. They are lying neatly next to each other, so the goat herd boy must have found them and brought them here. Bad, they could pop any time, theoretically. I take a photo of them, for future reference. I wander off into the hills; catch 2 small snakes and a scorpion. The snakes are a harmless burrowing type; the scorpion has big pinchers and a small tail and sting. The rule of thumb is: big pinchers, small tail, not so venomous. Small pinchers, big tail, watch out.


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Short Story


View the Mexican Horse Thief’s Page

Short Story


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South African and Rhodesian Military Books for Sale

The following books are available at present, the price does not include shipping. The cost of courier 24 hours service within South African boarders is R100.00 The photograph is of the actual book for sale, not just a pic taken from the net. I did not feel it was necessary to explain each book as, if you are a collector, you would know already. If you look on the net you will find that the price of my books is very good. Do not take my word for it, go look!

If you are interested please contact me.

Thank you
The Mexican Horse Thief.

Contact II by Paul Moorcraft.

Price R 3000.00 

Warfare by Other Means by Peter Stiff

Price R595.00

Serving Secretly by Ken Flower

Price R1000.00

The Elite by Barbara Cole

Price R600.00

Special Branch War by Ed Bird

Price R550.00

Eendrag Mak Mag 1st Edition

Price R550.00



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