The Chronicles V – Shebeen


I walk a few kilometers deeper into the bush and find a tiny little goat that has its legs trapped in a thorn bush. No sign of adult goats any where. It is still full of life so could not have been stuck here for long. I untangle it and start back for the kraal, it shits all over me. Smells like puppy shit. Closer to the kraal I hear bikes, sure enough it is Vaughn, up in front as usual. He does not see me, by the time I get to the kraal they are all back and raiding the booze cooler box. I ignore them and find the kraals headman, the driver translates for me. The headman thanks me. Vaughn makes comments saying, that ever since I was a kid I was weird, use to visit his parents with my folks, say nothing and disappear into the veldt outside Welkom. I have nothing to say to these people, but do tell Vaughn we should do something about those rocket heads, before some kid gets blown up. He says he will contact the police, he never did, and I as a rule do not volunteer to go and talk to policemen, in any country.

They day drags on, Jay crashes, whines and she ends up riding with me. Then Vaughn does some stupid stunts and gets a branch though his radiator. Day ends. I drive them back to the house, they clean up and go out for supper, to which I am not invited. I am glad but also a bit angry so I play some computer games and sip whiskey, this time with ice. Sunday morning everyone has a hangover and a tall story about last night. Bore the shit out of me, I go to a local Shebeen and drink cheap local beer. When I get back the guests have left. I have bought some food and eat in my room, sipping whiskey with no ice.


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Short Story


View the Mexican Horse Thief’s Page

Short Story


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South African and Rhodesian Military Books for Sale

The following books are available at present, the price does not include shipping. The cost of courier 24 hours service within South African boarders is R100.00 The photograph is of the actual book for sale, not just a pic taken from the net. I did not feel it was necessary to explain each book as, if you are a collector, you would know already. If you look on the net you will find that the price of my books is very good. Do not take my word for it, go look!

If you are interested please contact me.

Thank you
The Mexican Horse Thief.

Contact II by Paul Moorcraft.

Price R 3000.00 

Warfare by Other Means by Peter Stiff

Price R595.00

Serving Secretly by Ken Flower

Price R1000.00

The Elite by Barbara Cole

Price R600.00

Special Branch War by Ed Bird

Price R550.00

Eendrag Mak Mag 1st Edition

Price R550.00



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