Chronicles V – Hypocrisy I


On another Friday evening, Vaughn and Jay are arguing, both are drinking hard tack. I fly under the radar and do not even go get supper. Later Vaughn sends Kirsten to call me. Kirsten is a spoiled little shit with no manners, I must admit. I go into the house and get told I am to go to South Africa, Malalane, and collect a tent at his house. I must leave in the morning. No choice in the matter but I will be glad to be able to pick up some supplies in my own country. This is not to be, Vaughn and Jay tell me the next morning I must wait until they get back before I leave. I retreat back to my room. They go out the next morning at 10am, I hear from the house staff that afternoon that the two of them have been sitting drinking all day at Sthappens. They get back at about 3pm.

Jay is drunker than Vaughn and decides she will have a meaningful talk with me. This consists of asking what have I ever achieved in my life. She actually knows nothing about me except I have a drinking problem. She then tells me I am a pretty useless person and should get my act together. She then lists her great achievements in life. She runs a major construction company and before that she ran a guest lodge, got high grades at school and a whole lot of other drunken shit. I know that she blackmailed Vaughn for shares in Cretecor, or she would not come back to him when they were separated a couple of years back.

She is a lot younger than him… but she is not very pretty and tops the scales at 126kg! Two of me can fit in her pants leg. Other than that she is very immature, what with all the baby talk and all. I find her rather pathetic, as you know I only hang out with intelligent woman, the beauty and youth are an added bonus. As for running the company, there is no doubt that the Mozambiquen, Gustav does that. Illio deals with the “on the ground” stuff, under the supervision of Vaughn. Even, then one day when he was struggling to read some blueprints I asked him about his younger brother been an architect. Shit that was a mistake, sore point that his siblings all have degrees. Vaughn came into this conversation and added his two cents worth. So now I have two drunken people that own a company that exploits the local population horribly, telling me what a fuck up I am. Okay.


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