The Chronicles V- Hypocrisy III


I get back to his house, the people are out. The first indication that they have arrived home is their dog barrels into my room, terrified. It normally does not come in at all. I hear Vaughn shouting, a short time later I hear the house getting trashed. Huge fight going on, Kirsten is the reason. Vaughn comes into the back yard, he is drunk and in a murderous rage. I close my door. The next morning he makes a half assed apology for being drunk. I say, “That’s okay.” I am too angry with him to trust my tongue, not because of his drinking problem but because of the way he uses and abuses everyone.

The days are dull, hard work and boring. I weigh in at 55kg a cement bag is 50kg, I do not remember how many cement bags I moved in two months, all for a minimum wage and a place to stay. On weekends I go to an internet café and try selling my data. A Mozambiquen internet café is a Monte Python experience.  First is to find one that is actually open, and then it has to have a working connection to the net. You can pay and then the café is off line, tough shit for you. Language barrier is a problem here. I finally get on line, in Portuguese. A warning comes up about a virus that is in the computer, in English, before I can click the remove the virus button one of the staff lean over me and clicks continue. Oh, oh. I proceed to open my Thunderbird and Firefox. As I was not on Facebook at this time, or MyGenius, I only used Firefox to look up suppliers. Then I emailed Karen and asked her to sell my car and put the money in my bank. I also sent my CV out, as this construction business and living in a city was not for me.


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