The Chronicles V – Free Punch


One day in the garden it comes to a head, I tell Vaughn exactly what I think of him. He punches me in the face. First blood nose I have had in a long, long time. I do not retaliate; his house maid is shocked and shouts at him. I walk away. Later that week I get make trouble by telling the safety officer what I think of him too. Jay calls me into the office and fires me. First I thank her and then I get a taxi back to my room. That evening Vaughn tells me I must leave. I am willing, nay eager to leave but have no money. Vaughn decides I can stay until my car money comes, and puts me to work around the house; the gardener and I spend the days drinking and painting the burglar bars that form cages around both the front and rear verandas. The money for the car is slow in coming and time passes.

Vaughn and Jay come back very drunk one night; Vaughn decides it would be a good idea to beat me up. Jay thinks maybe he should not. I have not drunk much and have my bowie knife under my shirt, Vaughn has had his free punch, and if he tries to hit me again I will gut him. Jay blocks my doorway and sends Vaughn to bed, she then spent an hour or so telling me how useless I am and what a hot shot she is, again. Sober she is an incredibly stupid woman, drunk? You have to listen to it believe it. Moronic is the word that comes to mind. She eventually staggers off to bed.


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