The Chronicles V -Zebito


The next morning a still drunk Vaughn crashes into my room and tells me to pack my stuff immediately. I ask what the plan is and get told he is dumping me and my stuff on the N1 South. Okay. I pack but ask him to drop me at a Shebeen come eating place that I frequent. I have a small connection Zebito, His mother owns the place. She is always giving me food, beer I buy. Zebito too has little English but works out by all my kit dumped in his mom’s garden I am in shit. I manage to get it across to him that I need a place to stay. He runs off and returns a short while later with a chap that speaks both English and Portuguese.. They have a place for me to stay, for 3000 Metica (R1000 a month) it is in walking distance. Then the thing that is so common in this beautiful country takes place. An old man arrives with a beat up bakkie; people appear and start loading my kit on the bakkie. Everyone is smiling and jabbering away in Portuguese, I work out that my cousin’s staff have spread the word and  all the friendliness is more due to Vaughn’s unpopularity than my winning personality.


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