The Chronicles V – A Room in Mozambique


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Zebito and I jump up on the bakkie and off we go, literally around the corner. We go down a residential street and stop at a house, like most of the houses it is rather dilapidated. There is however, a small front garden with grass and plants. I get taken around the back; here it is sand and seven huge mango trees as well as two out buildings. My new home is two rooms, very run down; window frames broken and inside walls water damaged, concrete floor. It has electricity but no bathroom. The toilet is a longdrop in the garden! Water is obtainable from a tap slap bang in the middle of the yard. I found out later it gets switched off when the main house goes to bed. There is also a round jerry build shed, this is the bathroom. One fills a tub with cold water, carries it into the shed and washes. I speak to an interpreter and let the lady of the house, Emilia, know I will be staying, just have to go to bank to get some of the car money, which I hope is paid in by now. Zebito takes me via a shortcut to the shopping centre. Thankfully the money is in and I draw enough to buy supplies, some food and cigarettes. When I get back to my new place Emilia is sitting under the mango trees drinking beer, I pay her and she sends for more beer, the Shebeen is right next door.  We sit in the shade and drink in compatible silence.


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