The Chronicles V – Maputo

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I now had my computer set up and this also caused me to get a lot of visitors, the young people of Mozambique all, all, seem to be so eager to better themselves and are not scared of work. This is a big contrast to my own countries people. I ended up trying to teach the basics of Word and Excel to a bunch of kids that could not understand English, and I was drinking vast quantities of local beer and whisky at the same time. Compared to these people I was very well off and I took Cindna to the market every so often, using broken Portuguese and some English we would buy huge amounts of vegetables and fish, away from the tourist places food is very cheap. I must admit at times I have no idea what meat or vegetables I was buying but at night under the mango trees and the stars I enjoyed the food and the company, with so little they were still a happy bunch of people.

The next few weeks I made a lot of friends and went all over Maputo, buying fresh fish and seafood at the market, which I would give to Emilia to cook, in exchange for a cooked plate of food.

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