The Chronicles V – Money Trouble

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti21

But it was inevitable that the money would run out. This kind of thought does not enter my brain when I am drinking. Now I was in trouble, in a foreign country, drunk and just about no money, fortunately I was far in advance with my rent. Visa had expired long back and I needed to get across the border. My new friends saw that the money was gone and completely the opposite of what one would expect happened. The lady of the house gave me meals when they had food; Zebito’s mother gave me food and beer. These people where unusual in my experience, normally people forget very quickly that you have shared when you have, and disappear when the money does. The chap that usually translated for me, Lala, suggested that I sell my computer and get money for a taxi to the border. I did not want to sell the computer but the screen I could do without. He arranged this. I went to Vaughn’s house, he was very friendly.

He told me that my sister was worried sick about me as she had not heard from me for more than a month. My excuse is no international card for phone. I asked if he would drop my computer in South Africa for me as one problem was carrying it and other was I was pretty sure that it would cause trouble on the border. He said no problem and would even take it to my friend’s house in Kempton Park as he had to go right passed Mike’s house. I gave him the computer, sure that I would never see it again. I was right, and I noted that for future reference. Now I had money to get to the border but as I knew about the fuss made about late visas I had to sober up, I sort of knew already that I was going to have to jump the border. Somehow. I drank out the last of my stash of cheap booze and went through the withdrawal shit.

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