The Chronicles – Mozzies

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti23

The next day, at 2am, I am woken by loud music and mozzies. My thick army shirt I normally sleep in was soaking wet from sweat, the withdrawal symptoms leave me shivering in the tropical heat. I had a thinner shirt on and the mozzies were eating me right through it. So I wrapped myself up in a cammo shirt, put thick socks on as well as a pair of leather workman’s gloves.  I get a little sleep. Later I clean my room and wash some clothes, I have written plan A to Z on what the hell I can do next, like I say, most of my friends are sick of me and I have no idea where to go, except I have had my buddy Angus on my mind. I wonder if he is ok. I decide that is my plan: find Angus. As he was last in JHB area I shall go there, simple as that, find Angus. I will wait another day or so for my body to get stronger then just go. I will cross every bridge as I come to it, not worry before I even get to it.

Yesterday I sat on this weird little wooden stool; it has a serrated metal loop attached to one side. I could not figure out why, today I find out. One straddles the stool and grinds up halved coconuts on the loop. Love it. I get asked for some Metica, one of the children sets of to go and buy Pao, bread they make and sell cheaply. Lunch is up, funny lettuce, onion and tomatoes, soaked in vinegar, eaten with ones hands. A bite of Pao every now and then rounds the meal off. The moment lunch is finished they start preparing more food. Cidinha and her friend are lighting the Brazier and chopping up more veggies. They also crush peanuts in the way South African rural people crush maize with a deep strong bowl and a stout stick!

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