The Chronicles V – Lala

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti2

My small friend Zebito arrives, with our broken English and Portuguese we sort out that a man is waiting at his mom’s Shebeen that will buy my monitor. I lug the monitor half way and then my small friend lugs it the rest of the way, we are both sweating. We get to the Shebeen and Lala is there, he use to hang out with me when I went drinking in Maputo. His English is excellent, but he is a bit of a con man, spent too many years in South Africa. The man does not want to buy the screen, he wants to swap, my small monitor for a much bigger and better one. Don’t ask. This is Africa. The guy is not even there, Lala is giving me this information. It is now 1pm we must come back at 3pm. As I am on the wagon I do not want to sit at the Shebeen, so ask Zebito if I may stash the monitor in his room. This done I set off to go buy smokes and matches. Lala follows me, he talks a lot. We get some ice lollies; first put them on both sides of my neck in order to cool down. I go back to my place, Emilia thinks I have the money, she wants Fanta. When I try explain I have not got the money yet, she does not understand and starts rubbing her stomach and pulling distraught faces saying, “No cooka, no Metica.” I try explaining that when I do get the money it will be just enough to take a taxi to the border and pay border taxes. I do not even try telling her about the small visa problem. She gets frustrated and pushes off.

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti24

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