The Chronicles V – Trading

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti25

I go back to Caroline’s Shebeen. Zebito is not around. I wait and wait; I have 10 Meticais and tell Caroline I want to buy a tomatoes. She says, “No”, and takes the money. She also takes my hand and leads me to the yard behind the Shebeen, indicates that I should sit down next to her old mother; she says she will make me a salad. Her mother and I know each other and the old lady seems to like me. With a lot of hand signs the old lady lets me know that salad is not filling enough and she will make me some rice. I tell her, “Nao, nao, nao.” Okay, so I get a cabbage, onion and tomato salad, lots of vinegar no salt. I also get a glass of hot sugar water with half a lime floating in it.; with a bit of Pao, as usual to round the meal off.  I was full so asked the women to give the rest to a small child that had been sitting quietly with us the whole time. The old lady ate it herself. Shortly after that she asked me to buy her a Fanta.

Zebito arrived with a wheelbarrow of cokes; I had enough Meticais to buy him one last coke. Zebito must have been between fourteen and sixteen years old, he worked like a man, pushing carts of beer over the pitiful roads was very hard work. He also went to school. I said my goodbyes to Carolina and her mom, they worked out I was going back to South Africa. The guy with the swap deal was still not about. Another chap offered me 100 Meticais for the monitor, I told him 200 and he was getting the best deal of his life. All this in broken Portuguese, English and what ever else we were speaking. Done deal.

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