The Chronicles V – Farewells

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti26

Got back to the house and saw that indeed the Braziers were not lit. What the fuck, I went and spent my taxi money on food for the house, I could always walk. Three young guys came around and wanted to buy my mouse and keyboard for 50 Meticais. Just they did not have the money; they actually wanted it for nothing. I did not know them and said no. They came back with the money. I needed 65 Meticais to get a taxi from the N1 here to the border, I now had it. I walked up to the main road and bought a coke and more smokes. I then returned to have supper with my landlord. Then went to bed, in Africa you are never alone — the mozzies came with.

Up at 6:30am, used the rather short long drop for hopefully the last time. I did a purge of my kit. Zebito was to meet me at 8am, he was early. I went to say goodbye to the people of the main house and give them all the kit I would not be taking with. Emilia insisted I have a cup of coffee with them. Zebito and I set of for the N1, my kit was still too heavy, so at the taxi rank I dumped about half the clothes. The people just stared at this crazy white boy packing clothes neatly against a wall. I still had some Meticais so bought Zebito and I a Coke. My kit bag is in the boot of the taxi, I get a seat by the window. I say goodbye to my little friend, he has other things to do today and it is almost 9am. The taxi fills up and in Africa we mean FULL! Rule while traveling in a taxi: Keep everything you need on your lap. You will not be able to get to your pockets. We finally set off, it is good to be moving, and it always makes this Gypsy happy. Well, almost always.

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