Chronicles V – The Border Post

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti5 (2)

The taxi  arrives at the border post. The bridge of the late visa is now here, I must cross it. I check what Meticais I have left and buy two Pao fish sandwiches and a Coke. One of my strange classrooms taught me: “Eat when you can.” I eat one and keep the other. If things go pear shaped I will be in a Mozambique jail soon. I swap my last Meticais and get R20. This I hide.  The customs people are not happy about my month late visa; I spin a yarn that I was ill and could not get to the border on time. They want a doctor’s note! Not one of them can speak English very well; I am going from person to person, each time the rank is up. It is actually quite funny. This plan will not work. They tell me that I have to pay a fine of R12 000.00 to get my passport stamped. I tell them I do not have the money, this all took a couple of hours; I will not bore you with the details. Upshot is, they keep my passport and I am allowed to go to the South African side to ask for help. After leaving the building I must walk down a dual carriageway and through the gates, small problem, two border guards with AK47’s now want to see my passport. Again they have no English, eventually they get it that my passport is in their office and they let me pass.

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti28

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