Chronicles V Dog Tired

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 I walked passed the Kempton Hotel, I remember it well from long ago, it was always a bad place, just those days it was a white bar, it was now a black bar. As is usual in South Africa, in a black area the whores were mainly white. When I worked in a posh club in Johannesburg they tended to be black. One of the women approached me and I just said, “Sorry, no money.” That got rid of her quickly. I walked on to the end of the town; there is a well lit petrol station there, and a call box. I had walked at a steady pace with out stopping for two and a half hours. Covering a long distance; not sure how far, but not bad for an old man. Called Mike again, he had given up looking for me and gone to bed; he knew where this place was and said he would collect me shortly. This he did, I was dog tired and although I was thinking about a bath, a hot bath for a change, I just fell asleep. I had been sleeping on top of my sleeping bag on a concrete floor for a long time, so a bed was good. One would think I would have slept well, this was not so, I tossed and turned and was up at daybreak. I read a bit and then Mike left for work

. Lovely, lovely, lovely, no long drop today! Flush, flush, flush. I ran a hot bath, first one in a while, it was also the first time I was completely alone for many, many months. In the Ark I could never find solitude and neither could I at Vaughn’s place or even completely at the house in Mozambique. I had my bath and then had a look at the damage sleeping on a concrete floor for so long had done. All my bony bits, elbows, hips and knees had red patches on them. I found some body lotion and smeared that on.

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