Chronicles V – Civilization

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My kit was all filthy so put it into a washing machine, oh the luxury! Mike is a really bad house keeper and the kitchen was not a pretty site, I think some of the pots on the counter next to the stove had been there as long as I had been in Mozambique! Eish! There was at least three weeks worth of dirty dishes spread in, on and around the zinc. His mother had gone to Charmaine in Cape Town but had left enough cleaning materials to clean a hundred houses. I collected all the dishes and put them in the middle of the equally filthy floor. Scrubbed the zinc with strong cleaner then got the least dirty dishes and began to wash, slowly the pile on the floor got smaller and smaller. I then scrubbed the floor with a hard brush; no new fangled squeegee type mop would have survived this floor. I finally finished and was hungry, so decided to do something that I find relaxing, cook. His mom had left enough food to feed a hundred men for a hundred days, well, men that eat as much as I do, that is.  I had found coffee and long life milk earlier so was pretty well sorted. I had one packet of smokes from Mozambique too. And half a Pao, so got some bacon and eggs, cooked that up, it went down well. I then prepared a stew for that evening, leaving it cooking slowly on the now spotless stove. 

I had a look at the lounge. No way was I going to tackle that mess after all the work in the kitchen. I tried the DSTV but it was not working, I did not want to fiddle so read my book until Mike got back at about 8pm. We ate supper and caught up on what had happened over the past few years, watched a bit of TV and hit the sack. We did not discuss it but as it was mentioned that his mother would be back from Cape Town in a few more weeks I had to find some place to stay before then.

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