Chronicles V – Conditional Friendship

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The next day was a Friday, and I had rested enough, it was time to sort this thing I call my life out. I had very few options at this stage and would have to ask my friends of past days to help me out. I am not very good at that. The first one I was going to call was Dougie, my mentor in the AA days. He once told me as long as I did not drink (alcohol) and he was alive I would have a roof over my head. I had made an impression on a few of the AA people way back then. Ok, conditional friendship, I know it well and do not practice it myself, but he was one of my few options, and I was not drinking.  I procrastinated making the call, in my heart I knew what the answer would be. I thought about calling Evonne, but it would be the same, conditional friendship, I had been a bad boy and drinking recently…. Funny that none of these people were ever around when I was on one of my missions, I tend to go on them alone and not drag people I like into my hellhole with me, yet they all condemn me out of hand.

These thoughts are fucking depressing and make me feel like a drink, Mike has a fully stocked bar in his house. I went and had leftover stew and coffee. Not having watched much TV in the past few months or even had a radio to listen to I watched TV. I knew about the Crime Channel from when Karen was house sitting and the animal shows are good. I overdosed on coffee and TV. Mike had filled me in a bit on the news, shit, we had a new President and America had a black one. I later found out the American President is not a black man at all, he is a colored! If I had to walk down to the Cape Flats and tell a person with similar breeding to this Obama chap, they would stab me to death. Our coloureds of mixed race hate the blacks more that most white Afrikaans guys. Hell, African American my arse. So I must be an African Scot? What a lot of crap. No radio or TV is a good thing I think. Friday passed. 

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