Chronicles V – Conditional Friendship

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti13

Mike has a Siberian Husky, Luka, and he was not well so we dropped him off at the vet, strange to see so many white people at once. Saturday was filled with eating and watching TV. We picked up Luka and went to the Pick ‘n Pay. It was nice to see pretty white girls again. On Sunday I plucked up the courage to call Dougie. Told him I am sober and need a place to stay for a while. He told me new tenants had just moved in. He has about ten cottages on the farm in Blue Hills. I said I do not need a cottage just a place to sleep. His curt reply was “I have no room for you!” and hung up. Oh, well, scratch another “friend”. He just crossed the line, just like my father; also a Dougie did while I was in the Ark. Once I do that, I will watch whoever it is that is on the other side of my line bleed to death and not lift a finger. I am not really a nice person. I decide not to bother with any of my AA friends, the ones that spent so much time at my house in Bucleueh, the ones that came camping with me, the ones I helped stay sober, if one feels that way, all the people in Midrand listen to Dougie, so all will feel that way. So be it. 

I have one man that I do not want to call, my friend Will. He does not deserve my shit to land on his doorstep. I think he will help, but… I decide to think of another way. I do for the whole of Sunday. By Sunday evening I have no other plan, I call Will, and he immediately says I can stay in his spare room. Mike will give me a lift and we can meet him in Melville after work tomorrow.

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