Chronicles V – Brixton

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Monday, Mike at work, I am in a thoughtful mood and the day is one continuous series of storms outside. The DSTV is out and I sit at the dinning room table, next to the window, drinking coffee, and thinking of vodka. We are to meet Will at a street café called Xai-Xai after the town in Mozambique; it is opposite the place where I met the Spaniard, Maria for the first time. Hell, my life was good back then; I decide that it will be so once again.  Will arrived looking much worn out, he has a stressful job and long hours, he greets us and immediately leaves. Mike is perplexed, but this is typical of Will. He thought of something or someone outside the café and will go there, he will come back.  He does, he has a packet of smokes for me, and he does not smoke himself. Mike gave me a bit of cash and said goodbye, I did not know that would be the last time I saw him, right up till now, I have not seen him or being able to contact him. This is perplexing, as we left on good terms and with the agreement to keep in contact. I go with Will to his house; I have not seen it before. It is in Brixton the suburb just above Melville, I get a room and a bed; we catch up on all the news and eventually get to bed. I am happy to be in a safe place.

I get up earl and with a cup of coffee start working on a plan of where to go from here. Will said I may use his landline so I phone Karen, my sister. She has been in panic mode. What with me disappearing and Vaughn’s interpretation of the events it is no wonder. She had heard from Vaughn last just after I dropped the computer at his house, since then no one had heard from or about me, about a month or so .Karen says things are going well, but I know my sister, that does not mean anything. I get told their business is doing well and they have a nice place to stay. I cannot afford to worry about that right now; I have enough of my own shit to sort out. I decide to go for a walk. I stroll past the University of Johannesburg and end up at Westdene dam. The dam became rather infamous many years back, a bus full of school children went off the bridge and many were drowned. That was in the old South Africa, in the new South Africa a story like this would have to take its place in a line of a whole lot of other horror stories…. 

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