Chronicles V – Jo’burg & Crime

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti38

I had been walking for about an hour, it is a hot day but nothing like Maputo, but the altitude was making my breathing difficult, from sea level to 1753m above is a huge jump. I was looking for a shop to get some supplies, my reading glasses had not survived the Mozambique adventure and Will has a house full of books, but no coffee. Turning a corner I spotted a small superette, as I was walking a whole bunch of police vehicles started screaming in. Some marked vehicle and some unmarked. By the time I got to the shop it was full of policemen, some with very senior rank. I moved past them into the shop, needed that cold drink and coffee, trying my best to look innocent, which I was, I was! I did not even have a gun on my person, just a blade or two. I went about my business, listening to the talk on the police radios and between the cops. I had apparently missed an armed robbery by a couple of minutes. Hell, these criminals feel nothing for the cops.

The infamous Brixton Murder and Robbery station was a few blocks north of here. Talk about pissing in someone’s backyard. As the highest ranking policeman was talking to the somewhat shell shocked shop owner, a constable came and reported that they had the thieves in custody and the firearm that was thrown out of the fleeing vehicles window. Oh, yeah, I was back in Johannesburg alright. I was forced to remember this and proceeded to remove my wallet from my back pocket and shove it down the front of my pants. Shit, in Maputo I use to go drinking till all hours of the night and never felt like I was about to be mugged. Actually a few combat zones I have been in have been less dangerous than Johannesburg, even in the daylight. I would never, never walk around Brixton at night. Why am I here? I have a small support base here, and if there is work to be found it will also be around Gauteng.  

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