Chronicles V – Of Artists and Doctors

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti39

I get back to Will’s house and go through the three security barriers, thinking how my place in Maputo did not even have a lock on the door. I spend the rest of the day reading and eating sandwiches, to my surprise Will now has not only a TV but a DVD player as well. When I use to visit him in his other place he had neither; swore he never would get a TV. He was out for the evening as well, so I just enjoyed my solitude. The next morning I get to clean the kitchen, my civilian male friends are not too good about keeping their kitchens clean! I have made arrangements to meet my life long friend, Gordon that afternoon. He still had his gallery situated in Melville at this stage. I shave and find my best clothes; my shirt is one I got from the stores at The Ark. I still have not found reading glasses and find out the Crazy Store in Melville is closed down. Shit, one can get a pair of glasses at the Crazy Store for R30.00, where as the exact make costs R99.00 at Clicks. The walk to 7th Ave takes me 45 minutes; it was in this street that I first met Maria, the Spaniard. I need smokes and find a café, there is a very pretty dark haired woman behind the counter, I chat to her for a bit, she is from Morocco, dark brown hair and eyes, and just the way I like them. Her husband looks mean, so I amble along, at the gallery I see once again I am in Johannesburg, perimeter security. A young woman opens the gate, Nicole; she says Gordon is waiting for me. Wonders never cease! Gordon is notoriously late, for everything.

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