Chronicles V – Racist Crime

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti45

I ask Gordon what the hell is the story about him being shot!? He was cut off when telling me on the phone, while I was in Mozambique. He and Dianne were on her small holding in Glen Austin, it is just around the corner from where Chondre and I stayed. They were getting ready to go to and art show when the dog, huge Rottweiler, growled at the window. Gordon hit the interior lights, which is a good move, but then moved to look out the window; a 9mm slug came through the window, hit a steel bookcase, went through a book and hit him in his stomach. Two things made him lucky, one he has more padding than I, and second, the steel bookcase broke the full metal jacket, the book slowed it down. He did not rush off to hospital, not wise to rush to the car with gunman/men running around outside and he tells me he did not have the time to waste at a bloody hospital! Dianne dug out the shrapnel and cleaned up the wound. These are fucking artists for God’ sake! Got to love Africa. I found out that this is a new trend in the area; a couple of people have been shot in this fashion. This is a purely racial crime, the attackers are always black and victims white, they shoot and run, no robbery is even intended. Sometimes I hate my fucking country.  

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